Auto VDC-off kit

This kit is made for the Infiniti G35 (sedan/coupe) and Nissan 350Z. It will turn off VDC every time you start your car, while retaining the functionality of the VDC button. This is primarily intended for track use since in the midst of things sometimes people forget to turn off VDC which really screws up launches and aggressive driving, turning and drifting. The kit also comes with a passthrough cable so no cutting of factory harnesses or cables is necessary. An override switch is also provided for winter or rainy season driving.

Pricing is at $75 per kit (plus shipping). Payment is available through paypal. For more information or to place an order, email me at



Auto VDC-off kit installation instructions.


1. Pry out the VDC switch by taking a flat head screw drive, wrapping the tip with a paper towel and carefully nudge the switch out. (be careful here since the plastic around the switch is kinda soft.
2. Once the switch is out, disconnect the connector in the back, and pull it out a little so it doesn't get lost inside the dash. Note - there is only about 1/2" of slack available so dont tug too hard.  
3. Inspect the pass-through cable. On both the male and female end, one side is marked with a black marker. This is the "bottom" pin. It will go towards the bottom in both the switch and the harness.
4. Pass the long yellow/green pair of wires through the VDC switch hole and down towards the footwell. Plug the male 4-pin connector into the harness observing that the bottom pin (marked in black) goes toward the bottom of the connector.  
5. Plug the female part of the connector into the VDC switch observing that the bottom pin goes toward the bottom of the switch as shown in this picture.


At this point all you have to do is connect the yellow/green wire pair with the matching pair on the VDC-off box and connect the box to a switched power source. If you don't know where to find one, here's a suggestion.


1. Take off the dead pedal.  
2. Open the fuse box. On the second row from the top, there are 3 10amp fuses, then a 15 amp then an empty hole. This is your switched power source. All you have to do is plug the Red wire into it. Personally I havent found a plug that fits into such an opening directly but a slightly bend spade plug worked for me, so if you want me to crimp your wire with one of these plugs, let me know.
3. Connect blue ground wire to any suitable source. (any metal point on the chassis, any bolt is a ground source). Once this is done, it's a good idea to test that everything works before you close everything up.  
4. Secure the VDC-off box in place with wire ties or tape making sure to keep it out of the way of moving parts like the e-brake on autos and the clutch pedal in manuals. Make sure no wires are loose and that the box will not come loose during spirited driving.  
5. Close everything up.  
6. The kit has an on-off switch. For winter or rainy season, I highly recommend that you set the switch into the "off" position.


Disclaimer: This device is for track/experimental use only. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused due to improper driving or street racing. Use at your own risk.